By undertaking the work of restoration of the Isabella Fortuna the volunteers of The Wick Society Boat Section have demonstrated their commitment to preserving the rich maritime history of Wick. The project has bought together people with a wide range of abilities and has given the opportunity for traditional skills to be practised and passed on for the benefit of this and future generations.

During the years of restoration important lessons have been learned as techniques and principles have been rediscovered. There is much more to discover as other vessels are acquired by The Wick Society.

A photographic record of the restoration process has been made and is updated as the work progresses.

The Wick Society is indebted to many local businesses for donations of wood and other materials that have enabled the restoration to proceed. Materials for the restoration, and equipment and fittings to enable the vessel to meet modern safety regulations and standards, have been purchased locally.

An illustrated booklet telling the story of the Isabella Fortuna, and the challenges, mishaps and rewards of the restoration experience, can be obtained from

For any enquiries about the Isabella Fortuna email

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