Herring Mart

This building was erected in on the site of an earlier fish market place. It was to this building that crews came with 'samples' of their catch of herring so that the buyers - the curers and the kipperers - could examine the quality of the fish in the sample and make their bids to buy the catch.

It later housed the offices of the Fish Salesmen who managed the sales and accounts of the fleet of Seine Net fishing boats that used the harbour in the years following the end of herring landings.

The building was leased to The Wick Society by the Wick Harbour Trust, now the Wick Harbour Authority www.wickharbour.co.uk. It is in the process of renovation by members of the Society. When the work is completed this summer part of the building will be preserved in the way it was used for many years as the office of D. Sandison - Fish salesmen.

Part of the building will be used for storage and the remainder used as a shore-base for activities associated with the Isabella Fortuna. This part will also be used to show films of the fishing from Wick.

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Herring Mart
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